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Find A Doctor

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Find a Doctor

Millennium Technology Solutions is a pioneer in the implementation of evolving technology in healthcare. We establish technological solutions that leverage our customer’s strengths. Our solutions maximize efficiency, facilitating our customers to compete more effectively.

What is FindaDoctor(FaD)? 

Find A Doctor is a product of MILLENIUM TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, a Safe and Secure HIPPA Compliant portal which offers customized services to the Consumers, Doctors and other health care providers with ease based on their requirements. Find a doctor is product to search and connect with doctors and other health care providers across 50 states of America.

Why is FindaDoctor(FaD)? 

We are aware of the need to develop a website that accurately reflects the qualifications and areas of expertise of each and every doctor because we have been exposed to websites and other media that frequently attempt to rate or grade doctors without giving them a chance to present their credentials and type of practice.

Our team of tech engineers is committed to providing consumers with the best, most extensive database of doctors around the country.

Our website and the technology used are the culmination of over 50 year of healthcare knowledge spanning from professional practice, hospital functions and health insurance interaction, that has now become a reality.

FAD makes quality healthcare simpler, affordable and more accessible for consumers through digital solutions across 50 states of America.
Find A Doctor is a user-friendly portal ·
Serves with multiple services free of cost.
Find A Doctor has an Easy Registration Process by which the consumer can become a FAD member.
Both FAD And Non-FAD members can make use of the extensive database of the healthcare providers.
Consumers can use the search engine to find a doctor by name, specialty, sub specialty and locality.
Consumers can find a doctor within 1 to 50 Miles of Radius based on their locality.
Advance search option helps the consumer in narrowing down the search further based on criteria like Gender, insurance, hospital affiliations, language spoken by the doctor and staff from their selected location·
Consumers get to know more about the Doctor’s Credentials and expertise by viewing his/ her Profile.
Consumers can book appointment for the direct visit to the Doctor as well for online consultation via Telehealth.
Medical health records can be shared with the Doctor using Personal health Record Manager.
FAD is a HIPPA compliant, Data encrypted portal. All the personal details, medical records entrusted here are safe, secure and confidential.
Communication portal of FAD helps the consumers submit their queries to doctors and clarify their doubts.
Not just the Physicians, consumers can also look for the other health care providers like Physical therapy, Speech therapy, Psychologists, Counsellors etc.
Blogs and health related articles from the expertise of the field helps the consumers enrich with the health updates.
Find A Doctor acts as a bridge between the consumers and the health care providers.
Doctors can reach new patients and connect with them online, free of cost.
Doctors can manage their profile and showcase their expertise on FAD portal.
Doctors can update on their education, additional degrees, internship, fellowship, licenses and hospital affiliations, insurance details making it transparent to the consumers which helps build trust in the service provider.
Doctors can link their website with their profile.
Find A Doctor does not believe in rating and grading system. Hence this platform provides an equal base for vast reach and greater visibility thus maximizing the consumers.
Eligibility portal on FAD enables the service provider to accept or reject an appointment request based on consumer’s insurance eligibility in advance.
Time slots of the doctors are synced with the calendar; Patients can book an appointment on the available time and receive appointment reminders. Providers too get notified after the bookings.
Appointment portal helps the doctors to schedule their consultations and to keep a track of the appointments on the calendar.
Doctors are in full control to decide about the communication with the consumers. Only after approval from the Doctor, the consumers will be able to have communication.
On communication Portal Doctors can Respond to consumers health queries and feedback. Doctors can also share medical reports and documents with them and upload prescriptions.
Doctors can have access to consumers medical records on this portal.
FAD follows stringent data policies to ensure users’ privacy and security based on HIPPA Act (1996)
All the conversations between the Provider and the Patient will be Recorded in a Data Encrypted file and kept confidential.
Doctors are provided with a Blog section to publish research papers / health related articles as a part of credibility building.
Find A Doctor Portal serves people with multiple services which would benefit Consumers, Doctor’s & Other Allied Health Care Providers like Insurance providers, pharmacist etc.